Kodex EE Roadmap

The following new features are on our roadmap:

Design / UI

  • Allow enterprise users to show their own company logo alongside the KODEX logo.


  • Blueprint documentation will be provided using a printable layout, which e.g. allows exporting it as a PDF for internal documentation.


  • Changes to blueprints will be subject to a change request process that allows role-based editing & reviewing to ensure quality & privacy standards. in progress
  • Ability to delete test data.
  • Ability to see and revert to previous versions of a blueprint/project.
  • Availability of a full audit log capturing all changes made to data structures through the API.
  • Simplification of the blueprint editor.


  • Ability to easily run the de-pseudonymization action.

Import / Export

  • Better import & export options for blueprints, e.g. the ability to convert between JSON & YAML based formats.