Kodex is a privacy & security engineering platform that helps you to protect sensitive data.

What Is Privacy & Security Engineering?

Privacy Engineering is an emerging field that has intersections with data engineering, information security, software developement and privacy law. Its goal is to ensure that personal data is stored and processed in a legally compliant way that respects and protects the privacy of the individuals this data belongs to in the best possible way. Security engineering is on one hand a requirement for privacy engineering but also an independent discipline that aims to guarnatee the secure processing and storage of sensitive data in general.

Who Needs Privacy & Security Engineering?

Short answer: If your organization processes data that is either sensitive or personal (or both), you need privacy & security engineering! This is especially true if you do your own data engineering or data science.

What's Kodex?

Kodex was born out of our experience as security & privacy engineers. In our many projects we saw that certain problems came up again and again when building secure & privacy-centric data workflows, so we started automating them. The result is Kodex: A platform that captures our knowledge of privacy & security engineering best practices and helps you to automate their implementation.

Kodex provides robust, auditable & open implementations of state-of-the-art pseudonymization and anonymization techniques and embeds them in a descriptive data engineering layer that allows you to easily combine them into secure & privacy-centric workflows. Kodex is thereby a privacy & security design tool.

Why Use Kodex?

So why would you use Kodex instead of implementing your own privacy & security layer? There are several good reasons:

  • Save time: Organizations can save months or years of engineering time by using Kodex, as we implement all the functionality that you need to build a privacy-focused, secure data processing workflows.
  • Reduce errors: Would you ask your developers to write their own RSA or AES implementation? Probably not! So why ask them to write their own anonymization or pseudonymization tools, which is just as risky and error-prone?
  • Stay agile: Chances are you will regularly need to update your data workflows to accomodate new data sources or use cases. Kodex makes this easy by providing a no-code environment for privacy design, enabling your engineers to focus their time on creating value for your business or organization instead.

Where Has Kodex Been Used?

We have used Kodex in many projects nationally and internationally, including privacy & security leaders like DATEV eG.

Who Is Behind Kodex?

Kodex is developed by KIProtect, an award-winning Berlin based privacy & security engineering startup. We are independent & self-funded and focus on open-source solutions. We received numerous awards for our work on privacy & security, including from the German Federal Ministry For Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), UnternehmerTUM / TU M√ľnchen and the European Union. We have research partnerships with the University of Hildesheim, the University of Hannover and are also a full member of the IIP Ecosphere research consortium.

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