Regardless whether you want to use Kodex in fast-growing startup, an established company or a large enterprise, we have the right plan for you! If you're interested in Kodex CE please check below.


300 € per month Schedule Demo

  • Transform data on premise or in the cloud.
  • Unlimited configurations.
  • Unlimited data volume.
  • Unlimited users.


800 € per month Schedule Demo

  • All features of the Self-Service plan.
  • Personal integration consulting.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Priority support.


use-case specific ask us for details Get In Touch

  • All features of the Premium plan.
  • Privacy engineering services.
  • Advanced risk assessment.
  • On premise deployment.

Kodex Community Edition (CE)

Kodex Community Edition (CE) is open-source software and can be freely used. Please check our Github page or our documentation to learn how to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer some of the most popular questions regarding Kodex. If your question isn't on the list, please get in touch with us

Differences Between Kodex CE & Kodex EE

The community edition of Kodex contains the following functionality:

  • Basic data transformations like pseudonymization, anonymization & masking.
  • Basic data sources and destinations like files.
  • In-memory & file-based parameter and configuration management.
  • Command-line based data transformations.

The enterprise edition of Kodex contains the following additional functionality:

  • More advanced data transformations e.g. based on differential privacy and cryptographic pseudonymization.
  • More advanced data sources and destinations such as SQL databases and stream processing systems.
  • SQL-based storage and management of parameters and configurations.
  • A REST API that provides endpoints for configuration, data transformation and monitoring.
  • An advanced data persistence store that enables stateful, distributed data transformations such as differentially private anonymization.
  • A web-based graphical user interface for configuration, data transformation and monitoring, using the REST API.
  • A daemon that provides functionality for continous and distributed processing and transformation of data streams.
  • Advanced plugins for data analytics, consent & legal basis management and other specific use cases.

Deployment & Security

Kodex is designed as a federated system that consists of one or multiple agents and a controller. The controller provides configuration and parameters to the agents, which read, write and transform data. You can deploy agents in your own infrastructure to keep them under your full control, or you can let us run agents for you. Likewise, you can use a controller API & database that we provide for you, or you can host your own (only available in the Enterprise plan).


All plans come with an unlimited trial period: You can test Kodex for free without risk or committment and upgrade to a paid plan once you're ready. We will support you during your trial to ensure you get the most value out of Kodex.

Quotas & Fair Use

All our plans come with "unlimited" configurations, data volumes, agents and users. We do this because it is unlikely that regular use of Kodex will result in excessive generation of either of those resources, and as we do not want you to worry about quotas or plan limits when using Kodex. Of course, we still reserve our right to counteract abuse and malicious excessive resource creation, and we enforce (very high) API rate limits that guarantee the stability of our service for all of our customers.