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Are you concerned about the security and privacy risks associated with your data processing? Kodex can pseudonymize your data in real‑time using state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques. Our structure- & format preserving pseudonymization methods retain relevant information from your original data while making re-identification of specific data values highly unlikely. You can use this pseudonymized data as a drop-in replacement of the original data to reduce processing risks and ensure compliance.

Pseudonymize all structured data

Kodex can pseudonymize a large number of different data types (numerical, categorical, ordinal, textual) and data formats (e.g. dates, e-mail addresses, names, street addresses, zip codes, URLs) using a wide variety of cryptographic and probabilistic techniques.

Modern cryptographic approach

Kodex uses state-of-the art cryptographic techniques to produce pseudonymous data in real-time. This makes it unnecessary to store potentially sensitive information like mapping tables and enables decentralized and federated pseudonymization at large scale.

Format- & structure-preserving

Kodex can pseudonymize many data types in a way that preserves both the format as well as parts of the structure of the original data. This enables you to use the pseudonymized data for processing and analysis without de-pseudonymizing it, increasing the security of your data processing.

Strong security model

Kodex can reliably estimate the re-identification risk and utility of pseudonymized data based on information-theoretic models. This enables you to precisely quantify the security benefit of the pseudonymous data, balance it against the data utility and ensure regulatory compliance and security during processing.

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