Handing out personal or sensitive data to a third party is seldom a good idea. To ensure that data can stay under your control and be transformed close to its source, Kodex can be deployed as a federated system:

  • The Kodex daemon can actively read data from multiple sources in your infrastructure (or elsewhere), process it and send the transformed data to one or multiple destinations.
  • The Kodex micro-service API can provide a simple REST API that you can call from other services in your infrastructure to transform data synchronously (or send it into an internal queue for processing by a Kodex daemon).
  • The Kodex command-line utility (CLI) can transform data locally just like the daemon, but without having to run as a continous process.
  • The Kodex Golang library can be easily incorporated into your own software and used to transform data programmatically.

All these components can either be executed as fully self-sufficient agents using a file-based configuration and an internal parameter store, or use a Kodex controller that provides as a backend for configuration and parameter management. The controller can be deployed in your own infrastructure as well (enterprise customers only), or you can rely on our cloud-based server. Regardless of your choice, the controller will never receive any sensitive or personal data. You can also put additional safeguards in place to prevent malicious configuration from being deployed via the controller to your agents.

This unique federated approach enables you to keep full control of your data at all times and eliminate the risk of data leakage via third-party compromises.